Well, where to start…

Hi, my name is Rick, a 50-year-old cantankerous, sarcastic, sometimes funny, yet lovable sack of meat, and I’ll be your host for this crazy ride.

The Mission: (Which I chose to accept), To ride a human-powered bicycle, self-supported (I carry everything I need, no chase vehicle, or outside assistance) from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida, approximately 3,092 miles, one way, meet up with friends in St. Augustine, some of which I haven’t seen in decades, then turn around and head up the East coast to the Trans-America trail, and head back West, approximately 3,600 miles. Where did the extra 600 miles come from, you may ask? Well, I first have to make it from Florida to Virginia to start the Westward leg of the tour, then once I hit Kansas, I’ll have to start a Southerly track, to get back home in Las Vegas.

During my tour, I’m sure I will meet a lot of people along the way. I’ll usually make mention of whom I meet, where we crossed paths, perhaps post a picture, if they allow, and try to introduce to the people in my little bubble, for you to enjoy, or not.