7 Days – Now the nerves kick in…

Well, the packing is done, the testing of man and machine are done, and we’re 7 days away from the start of the Southern Tier 2018 – There And Back Again, tour.

My mind is racing with thoughts of

what’s to come, and the great unknown, with going such a long distance, only by the power my legs produce.  I know that I CAN do it, it’s just the pre-trip jitters that are starting to get into my head.

Back when this journey was just an idea, 6 months seemed like more than enough time to get everything together, now it feels as if it weren’t nearly enough.

Anyway, I meet my 3 tour mates for the first time in 4 days, so that will be fun, and I’m sure all the jitters will go away once my butt is firmly planted on the saddle.

#SouthernTier2018 #OldManOnABike


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