T Minus 30 days…

30 Days, Thirty days, FAWK 30 DAYS LEFT!!!

Where has the time gone? For me, this journey started back in August 2017, when the big, green, cockeyed touring bug bit me hard in the arse. Since that time, I have spent an amazing amount of time, and some resources researching the tour, gearing up for the tour, riding, worrying, stress eating, losing sleep, and

at times pissing off those around me.

This tour of the Southern Tier originally started off as a “solo” tour, just me, the road and the bugs, but as time went on, I started to feel that doing a tour of this length, by myself could not only be life-altering in a good way but I’m sure it could play negatively on my psyche, and work against completing the whole tour.

While researching WarmShower hosts, I stumbled across their forums and saw that an area that listed “Looking for Companions”, now while I know it’s not a dating site, it peaked my curiosity,😉 so I posted a message, outlining this tour, and hoped for the best.

Shortly after posting my message, I received a message from someone who was also looking into doing the same tour, around the same time as I was, so we started talking, but things came up in their life, that prevented them from departing the same time. Time passed, and as with typical dating sites, days became weeks, weeks became months, and not a nibble on a possible companion, then in November ’17 I was contacted by a guy who was interested in doing the tour with me, I’ll call him “Phoenix” for the time being, until I am sure it’s OK to use his name. Well, time passed, we kept in touch, talked by Skype, have become fast friends, then there were 2.

Well, here we are, now 30 days away from the launch of the tour,  2 became 3, and 3 became 4, in quite a short time. So now we’re a 4-some, Myself, Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Wyoming, not hard to figure out the naming convention, eh? 🤪

So we got an AirBnB in San Diego, and will arrive on the 23rd & 24th, to start a new chapter, on my first LONG bike tour. It should be a great time, having like-minded people along for the ride, regardless of how far we stay together, on the road.


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  1. Epic ! Sounds great Rick .. I’ll be following ur adventure from Sydney Australia ✌…. well until late March then I’ll be reading ur blog from USA as I ride down the Pacific Coast from SF to then head west along the Southern Tier. Best of luck .. have a great time !

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