The gear.. Oh my the gear. UGH gear…

Well, as if the headline wasn’t a big enough clue, we’re doing the gear post.

The gear for the ride has by far been one of the worst experiences of my life. Buy this, return that,  try that one, it’s too big, it’s too small, it’s too heavy, it’s made like shite, the list of things I’ve returned over

the last 6 months, is almost as long as the list of what I had to get.

I have found (and this should be common sense, but hey, this is me we’re talking about here) that the gear needed to do a multi-month unsupported cross-country tour, is VASTLY different than a nice 3 day, or 1-week tour down the Pacific coast of California, and of course as with everything WEIGHT is everything, especially when you’ll be dragging it up 220,000 feet of elevation gain.

So on with the show.

The OverView:

The Bike – 2017 Kona Sutra


The Gear – Overview


The Details – Don’t ya just love the details.

I’m just going to list the gear that I’m taking, if you really want to know the weight of everything, sorry, you’ll have to do a bit of legwork. 😃

I have provided links where I could, to make it as easy as possible. Please note, I DO NOT make any commission or get any perks, if you click on those links, they are provided just for your reference.

ELECTRONICS: – I do like my toys, and need to keep in touch with the world.
iPad Air 2
iPhone 6S+
Garmin Edge Touring
VoltaicSystems – Fuse 10 Watt Laptop Solar Panel

CLOTHING: – Don’t want to get arrested for indecent exposure.
2 x Zoic 9″ Bike shorts
2 x KUHL Raid Pants
2 x Novara Cycling Bib
2 x Cycling Jersey
2 x Boxers
2 x Wool Socks
REI Midweight Base Layer Half Zip Top
REI Midweight Base Layer Bottoms
Giro Bravo Bike Gloves
Novara High-Vis Rain Jacket
Pearl Izumi  Wind Jacket

Shimano SHSD5 Touring Sandal
Pearl Izumi X-Alp Drift IV MB Shoes

REI – Half Dome 2 Plus Tent
Thermarest – ProLite Sleeping Pad
Thermarest – Corus™ 35F/2C Quilt –  Comfort & weight savings
Thermarest Air Head Pillow – (I know, Right??)
Sea to Summit – Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

MSR -Quick™ 2 System Cookware
MSR Whisperlight Stove
2 X Mountain House Emergency Food Pack (You never know)
Dr. Bronner Pure-Castile Liquid Soap
PackTowel Body Towel & Face Towel
Adventure Medical Kits  Bath Wipes
Alite Monarch Camp Chair (Yeah, I’m a softie)
MSR Dromedary bag w/ 3L water
MSR SweetWater Water Filter
Home Made – Medical Kit (Consisting of)
Assorted bandages, fabric tape, gauze, anti-bacterial spray, etc…

2 x spare tube
Generic Tire Levers
Parktool Vulcanizing Patch Kit
Parktool Emergency Tire Boot
Parktool 3-Way Ball End Hex Wrench
Chain Masterlinks
Zip ties
Spare nuts & bolts
Extra Brake & shifter cables
Interchangeable Bit Screwdriver
Electrical Tape 2m
Gorilla Tape 2m
Tenacious Tape 2m
Finish Line Chain Lube (Dry)
Nitrile gloves

UGH!!! See, I told you, F*#@ing gear…

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